Carrier Opportunities

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At Advanced Cargo we realize we are only as good as the carrier we use. This is why we are always looking for quality, dependable and professional carriers to create relationships with. We work with motor carriers of all sizes - from single owner/operators to companies with large truck fleets. Our reputation among carriers speaks for itself as you can see to the right. We are known for paying fast, being reliable and helping you with any problem you may encounter.

Payment Options:

Hauling for Advanced Cargo you have the option between” Standard Pay” and “Quick Pay”. With “Standard Pay” you will receive payment within 21 - 29 days of receipt of paperwork (including signed POD and freight invoice.) For faster payment you can opt for “Quick Pay” where you will receive payment within 7 days of receipt of paperwork at net 4%. Any questions just ask!

Accessorial Reimbursement:

Advanced Cargo understands that your time is valuable. We always pay fair detention to our carriers when your truck is detained beyond reasonable expectations by our shipper or consignee, when there is no fault by you. Lumper services are also fully refundable with proof of payment (lumper receipt). Again, we are here to answer all question.

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